Background to Astaldi


In 2020 Astaldi filed for bankrupcy (Concordato) and forced the holders of its bonds to take a loss on their capital.  During 2020 courts in Itlay sanctioned what is called a copmposition, meaning that creditors rights as bond holders are extinguished and exchanged for new creditor rights.  

Clients with the bonds particularly the Bonds:
XS10000389608 , XS100393899 the US Bonds,  and;
S1634544248 the UK Bonds  (Obbligazioni UK)


Creditors received equity in Astaldi and new instruements called "Strumenti Finanziari Partecipativi". These restructuring / recovery units are not listed and can not be traded on an exchange, but there is a solution. Southey Capital can make a market for these and can offer holders a price today for the recovery units.  

Sale of SFP / Strumenti Finanziarie Partecipativi


We are interested in speaking to all creditors with the re-organaisation unites, we have Italian speaking colleagues that can assist in ever stage of the sale process and we can deal discretely with the sale process.  


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In the strictest of confidence please feel free to contact us to discuss the Astaldi liquidation.  

Astaldi SFP  / PFI 

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