Southey Capital is looking to contact holders of LBBW Alpha Stable Bezugsrechte


The Bezugrechte have been issued to the holders of the LBBW Alpha Stable fund that had an ISIN of LU0281808377

The Bezugrechte have (according to our knowledge) received no pay out to holders since their isuance, and we think that a lot of time can still pass for something to be paid to them. 

Notice to Holders


Southey Capital is looking to purchase from holders of the Bezugsrechte their rights, and put some pressure on the liquidators to make a payment. 

Name: SHS LRI Invest Alpha Stable EU R SP08/12
ISIN: LU0414678861
TKN: 10038898

Information page LBBW Alpha Stable LU0414678861

There is no obligtion to sell shares or to discuss a sale.


LBBW Alpha Stable (i.L.) Bezugsrechte

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