Southey Capital can purchase your bonds in ARM Asset Backed Securities S.A. 

If you were an investor in the ARM Asset Backed Securities S.A. group of funds then you may wish to sell your bonds rather than holding on for any potential distribution from the Provisional Liquidators.  

Southey Capital as an experienced secondary market trading firm, specialised in claims and illiquid securities can guide you through the pricing and successful sale of a number of the securities related to the ARM Asset Backed Securities S.A. vehicles. 

Why you should consider selling:

1. The legal process of recovering money to holders may take many more years to complete

2. No payout is guaranteed at all

3. You may even be asked to contribute to legal proceedings


Southey Capital is active across many illiquid securities and therefore is able to price and trade shares very efficiently. 


Please contact us to register your interest and be kept up to date on events.



ARM Asset Backed Securities S.A. 

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