Compliance Disclosures

Southey Capital Ltd, is a UK registered Ltd company active in the Institutional and Wholesale financial markets.

We are required by the UK regulator, the FCA, to make certan disclosures, as below. 
Link to the FCA register: SOUTHEY CAPITAL FCA REGISTER – 711717  

Link to the Companies Register: Southey Capital Ltd – 09411731 – Company register

GIIN FATCA number 9V18T3.00000.LE.826
Link to Southey Capital Legal Entity Identifier:  LEI 391200I7WXKQ8VP5OZ49

Latest W8BENE-E

Southey Capital Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Compliance Questionnaire 

ICARA disclosure

Conflicts of Interest policy

Best Execution Policy

Voluntary disclosurers 

Introduction to Southey Capital

Company Presentation

KYC documents for On-Boarding

Please follow this link and use the username and password from your Southey Capital contact to download individual or the entire KYC disclosure package.

For further information please Contact Us and request details.