Background to ABLV Bank, AS   

In February 2018 ABLV’s board voted in favour of a proposal to start the process of voluntary liquidation, under pressure from local regulators, the US and the European Union; the bank was left with little choice but to wind up. 

Clients with deposits and investors with bonds have found themselves in the difficult situation of having to file claims and accede to the tough KYC demands of the Liquidators.

ABLV have said that nearly 3,300 claims have been lodged with the liquidator, comprising c. 98% of expected liabilities, with almost EUR2bn total claimed.

We believe some claim holders will prefer a quick sale rather than wait and see what how much the liquidation costs and how long it takes.  In other cases like Yukos or Corporate Comercial Bank, creditors have receive nothing after nearly ten years. 

Recovery Process

Southey Capital has completed extensive analysis on the state of the ABLV liquidation and potential for recovery to creditors. To receive our report we would kindly ask you to contact us below with proof of your claim, so that we only share our information with other creditors.  

Sale of Deposits, Bonds and Claims 

We are interested in speaking to creditors with allowed claims for Class 2 (Deposits over 100,000) Class 7 (Other Creditors) and Class 9 (late filed claims). 

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In the strictest of confidence please feel free to contact us to discuss the ABLV Bank liquidation.  

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