Corporate Finance & Advisory

Southey Capital’s unique approach to deal management

Based in London, we represent high quality companies with excellent management teams who are either looking to raise meaningful amounts of capital or who are looking for corporate finance advice.

Initial Due Diligence

During the initial due diligence, we seek to undertand:

  • Your company
  • The company’s track record (including historical financials, should you have them)
  • Ownership structure
  • Management team

This step ensures that we can collaborate with each other and, more importantly, that your company is suitable to work in partnership with the investors to whom you will be introduced. This is the first step to achieving your company’s goals.

Detailed Review

The team at Southey Capital will complete a detailed review, seeking to understand more about:

What you want to achieve

The company’s current strategy and the plan for moving your business forward

Consequences of not acting

Benefits that will arise from a new strategy that Southey Capital will help you implement

We want to understand how your company functions, what it does well and what can be improved. The team will also examine how your company is organised and how the control functions operate (financial reporting, risk controls, corporate governance, etc).

Financial Model

The team at Southey Capital typically create, or assist in the creation of a financial model and business plan that reflects the findings of the initial due diligence and the further detailed review.

This is your financial plan and investors will spend a great amount of time reviewing it and your company.


Once the financial model and business plans are complete, Southey Capital will make recommendations on how to finance your strategy.

The team will also make recommendations on any aspects of your company’s operations or structure that might be improved to facilitate financing.


Once your company’s strategy has been agreed and the financial model and company presentation have been completed, the next step is for the sales team at Southey Capital to make focused calls to suitable

investors and raise the debt or equity required.

Once Southey Capital finds an interested investor, we then work closely with sponsors and investors during the due diligence period to ensure that the transaction is closed efficiently