Fortenova DR And CB Rights

Trade your Fortenova / Agrokor claim + Depositary Receipts

Southey Capital is pricing and trading the former Agroko claims which are now Fortenova Depositary Receipts (“DR’s”)

If your firm had a claim in to Agrokor and now potenitally has a write to Fortenova DR’s, then Soutehy Capital can assist you to sell them, in some cases without you having to submit to the complex KYC procedures.

A sale of your claim/DR’s can be concluded in a short period of time, depending on how own in house Due Diligence process. Please use the form below to contact us regarding a sale.

Not interest in Selling / Looking for information?

If you are not ready to sell or are simply looking to research your holdings and find out more information about Agrokor and Fortenova, Southey Capital can assist.   We have completed indepth debt and equity research to understand the current value and the future value based on various scenarios. 
To learn more simply message us using the form below and we will be in touch. 

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