Russian sanction affected ETFs

Interest in Russian related ETF’s

Following the effects of geopolitical affairs and sanctions imposed both by Russia, the United States, U.K., Europe and many other countries, the Russian securities market has become un-investible to foreigners.

Most fund mangers have written down to 0 and allowed the delisting of the ETF’s from exchanges resulting in no market prices for the underlying shares or for the ETFs. Also due to the sanctions, many brokers and fund platforms have barred investors from completing any transactions in the shares. Resulting in the ETF shares being completely illiquid and blocked in client accounts.

Southey Capital is willing to purchase the below ETF fund positions and will work with sellers and their custodians to release what value remains.

It is not yet known what value if any may come of the securities that ETFs hold, however given the high risk of expropriation and lengthy time frame for a lifting of the sanctions, prices are reflective of a difficult market.

ETF NameISINStatus
Franklin FTSE Russia ETFUS35473P7289
HSBC MSCI Russia Capped UCITS ETFIE00B5LJZQ16Liquidation / ownership of shares ceases on the 1st of March 2023
Liontrust Russia FundGB00B04H0T52
Suspended Link
iSshares MSCI RUSSIA ETFUS46434G7988Suspended Link
Lyxor PEA Russia GDRFR0011869387Link
ITI Russia RTS Equity
FinEx Russian RTS EquityIE00BQ1Y6480
FinEx Tradable Russian Corporate BondsIE00BD5FH213
VanEck Russia RSXUS92189F4037Liquidation
VanEck Russia (Small Cap) RSXJUS92189F7345Liquidation
UBS (Lux) Equity SICAV – RussiaLU0246274897Link
BNP Paribas Russia Equity GBPLU0823431308Link
BNP Paribas Russia Equity USDLU0823431563
BNP Paribas Russia Equity USDLU0823431647
BNP Paribas Russia Equity EURLU0823431720
BNP Paribas Russia Equity EURLU0823432025
BNP Paribas Russia Equity EUR LU0823432371 
BNP Paribas Russia Equity EUR LU0823432454 
BNP Paribas Russia Equity EUR LU0823432611 
BNP Paribas Russia Equity USDLU0950373646
BNP Paribas Russia Equity ZARLU1789409452
BNP Paribas Russia Equity USD LU2200550940 
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Southey Capital are also active across underlying Russian ADR/GDR’s where it is legal and possible to transfer these securities.