Russian ADRs And GDRs

Background to Russian ADRs 

Whilst for some institutional investors accesing Russian equity markets directley is not an issue, for the vast majority of Institutional and Retail investors it isn’t a possibility, the increased use of GDRs is linked to the growth of the Russian economy and its opening up in the post 1990s. 

As an example in 1997, Lukoil listed its Russian shares with “RU” Isin on the London International exchange and in a further effort to build lliquidity in 2001 listed and ADR in London. As a result investors were able to purchase the shares more easily and contribute to the liquidity and ability of the firm to use capital markets.

In April 2022, in response to the sanctions and suspension of listings of Russian listed GDRs from Western exchanges, the Russian central Bank invoked a rule that requires Russian domiciled form to revoke the issuance of GDRs by the 5th of May. In the mean time US sanctions also allows holders to complete any transactions in the sanctioned securites up until the 25th of May, thereafter most transactinos will require a approval from OFAC.

 Investors still holding Russian securites after the 25th of May are likley to find that the Clients with deposits and investors with bonds have found themselves in the difficult situation of having to file claims and accede to the tough KYC demands of the Liquidators. 

Recovery Process

Holders who chose not to sell will be required to cancel their GDRs and hold the securities at a local Russian depositary institution. Some brokers and custodians will organise this for clients, however there are also suggestions that should a client not cancel their GDR, then a liquidation sale could occur and but where it is not possible then a forced sale by the issuer of the GDRs could occur.   

Sale of GDR/ADRs 

We are interested in speaking to holders of all types of GDRs and converted / exchanged securities. 

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