Evraz Plc GB00B71N6K86 / B71N6K8

Trading and transfer of Evraz Plc shares

Following the imposition of sanctions on Evraz Plc, the company lost access to its Corporate Broker, Auditors and will most likely be de-listed from the LSE, currently they are suspended. 

For most holders the removal from the CREST settlment system, will mean that dealing is only available in certificate form. Southey Capital will facilitate the trading of certificted shares and if possible electronically, for holders that do not hold them in CREST.

As one of Europe’s most active firms in illiquid and distressed securities, Southey Capital is exceptionally well placed to assist holders that wish to sell their shares and assist both buyers and seller in finding a price to transact in. 

Our expertise in helping create markets in shares that are un-listed allows holders, including private individuals as well as large institutions to price and execute trades to the benefit of all participants.  To receive quotes or to speak to a specialist, please use the form below or feel free to call us. 

The shares have the identifiers:

n/aEVR LNGB00B71N6K86B71N6K8A1JMT9069461581

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