Globaltrans Investment PLC – US37949E2046

Globaltrans Investment PLC (“Globaltrans”) is a transport group focused primarily on rail freight transportation in Russia. The company operates as a freight rail transportation provider, offering services such as freight transportation, logistics, and infrastructure management.

Globaltrans’ GDRs are publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange and Moscow Exchange. The LSE has suspended exchange based trading of the shares, however secondary trading of the shares OTC is allowed, despite the market suspension.

Security IssueDR ISINCusipUnderlying ISINUnderlying SedolDR Symbol
Globaltrans Investment PlcUS37949E204637949E204CY0101942213B2QTGT5GLTR

Purchase Offer
On the 8th of April 2024 Southey Capital offered holders of the GDR’s the opportunity to participate in a voluntary tender of the shares.

We have committed to purchase a significant amount of the GDR’s for our own account. For holders of sizes smaller than the minimum (25,000) shares please contact us to discuss options.

Main Contact Details
Phone: +44 203 745 7940

Offer Documentation
Full details of the offer are listed here
Frequently Asked Questions here
The acceptance document is available here
Seller Representations Word Doc / PDF
Southey Capital Attestation
The Disclaimer is available here

Sanction Status:
US: Globaltrans Investment Plc is not an OFAC sanctioned entity, nor SDN listed. Link
U.K. Globaltrans Investment Plc is not listed on the U.K. sanctions list Link
E.U. Globaltrans Investment Plc is not listed in the E.U. sanctions list Link

Globaltrans website / Information