Ozon Holdings PLC / OZON US / US69269L1044

Ozon Holdings PLC, a major Russian e-commerce platform, is not currently subject to direct sanctions by the U.S., EU, or UK. However, the company has faced indirect impacts due to broader sanctions against Russia, particularly those affecting the Russian economy and financial markets. These sanctions have made it more challenging for Ozon to raise capital and could potentially impact its operations and growth prospects​.

Certain shareholders of Ozon, such as Sistema, are subject to sanctions, and Ozon’s corporate governance structure includes provisions to limit the influence of any sanctioned entities on its board and decision-making processes.

Ozon Holdings PLC received a delisting notice from Nasdaq on March 15, 2023, and the decision was upheld in June 2023. The delisting is based on Nasdaq’s discretionary authority, citing geopolitical circumstances affecting Russia. Ozon appealed this decision to the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council in June 2023, and the delisting process is pending until the appeal is resolved​.

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Secondary market trading of the OZON ADRs is possible for holders of the securities in Euroclear and DTC.

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