Agro Li / 62UL LI / Ros Agro GDR

Ros Agro, also known as Rusagro, is one of the largest vertically integrated agricultural companies in Russia. It operates in several key segments of the agriculture industry, including: Sugar, Meat, Agricultural, Dairy, and Food retail.

RosAgro Equity background:
RosAgro carried out a IPO on the London Stock Exchange in April 2011, with 84m common shares in total and a free float of 24m being usued.
in November 2014 GDRs of RosAgro were listed in Moscow and admited to trading.

Trading of GDR’s:
The ADRs which are listed on the London Stock Exchange are currently suspended from trading. This does not block OTC trades from being negotiated, and the settlement of the shares in Euroclear is still possible.

2022 05: In May 2022, the RosAgro board was authorised by shareholders to look at alternative listing venues or de-listing for its GDRs.

2023 03: As a result, on the 20th March 2023, Ros Agro shares were listed in Kazhakstan (56820Z KZ / AGRO.Y)

2024 04: BNY informed RosAgro on the 12th of April 2024 that it intends to resign as the current depositary for the GDR’s. Under the GDR agreement, Ros Agro has 90 days to from the resignation to appoint a successor, with that day being the 11th of July 2024.

Holders uncomfortable with the further moving away of RosAgro from Western capital markets may prefer to exit their GDRs, and as a result Southey Capital are able to provide a monetization route for holders.

Please message us on Bloomberg, use the below form or email your sales contact to inquire about a sale possibility.

DR IssueSymbolCusipISINCommonSEDOLWPK
ROS AGRO PLC – GDR 14462UL LI749655106US7496551067061438564B5WKB43A1H8S9
ROS AGRO PLC- GDR REG SAGRO LI749655205US7496552057061438742B5MTFN7A1H8S8
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