Southey Capital are usually able to provide a exit route for holders of Rosneft ADRs, despite the books being closed to current conversions. Please message us on Bloomberg, the below form or email to enquire about a sale possibility.

DR IssueSymbolCusipISIN
Neftynaya Companiya-Rosneft – 144A40XT67812M108US67812M1080
Neftynaya Companiya-Rosneft – Reg. SROSNL67812M207US67812M2070

Rosneft Oil Company is a major Russian integrated energy company headquartered in Moscow. It is one of the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies in the world.

The Rosneft ADR was issued by JP Morgan (LINK) the books are currently closed and JP Morgan appears to have resigned as depository.

Rosneft ADR Documents
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Market Announcement

Rosneft is majority-owned by the Russian government. The government controls around 50% plus one share of the company. The remaining shares are publicly traded on the Moscow Exchange.

Rosneft is involved in various aspects of the oil and gas industry, including exploration, production, refining, and marketing. It has a significant presence in Russia and operates internationally.

The company is a major player in the exploration and production of oil and natural gas. It has a diverse portfolio of oil and gas assets, both in Russia and abroad.

Rosneft is also engaged in refining and marketing activities. It owns and operates refineries, producing a range of petroleum products. Additionally, it has a presence in the retail market for fuel.

Rosneft, being a Russian state-controlled oil and gas company, has been subject to various sanctions imposed by the United States and other jurisdictions.

As of the last time Southey Capital checked Rosneft is a Non-SDN company, sanctioned by way of Executive order “UKRAINE-EO13662”.

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