Yandex N.V. NL0009805522

Yandex N.V. operates various internet sites and related services in Russia. The Company website offers an Internet search engine, news, shopping information, blogs, photographs, and videos. Yandex earns its revenues from online advertising.

Security IssueOriginal ISINSEDOL DEWPKCommonSEDOL US
Yandex N.V.NL0009805522B3TLSD3A1JGSL063251003B5BSZB3

Purchase Offer
On the 11th of January 2024 Southey Capital offered holders of the Yandex shares the opportunity to participate in a voluntary tender of the shares.

Full details of the offer are listed here
The acceptance document is available here
The Disclaimer is available here

Sanction Status:
US: Yandex is not an OFAC sanctioned entity, nor SDN listed. Link
U.K. Yandex is not listed on the U.K. sanctions list Link
E.U. Yandex N.V. is not listed in the E.U. sanctions list Link

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