SPL Funds

Southey Capital is loooking to purchase the run-off fund units of SPL Funds

For current holders of units of:
ISIN: GG00BJQZJM69  SPL Private Finance (PF2) IC Ltd

ISIN: GG00BJQZCS37  SPL ARL Private Finance (PF5) IC
ISIN: GG00BJQZCQ13 SPL Parallel Private Equity (PE2)

ISIN: GG00BJQZJC61 SPL Realisation CI Ltd

IF you are still a holder of the fund units issued by one of the SPL Funds group, you may be looking to sell the units so that you can close an account or move on.  If so please feel free to contact Southey Capital, as we can offer a price to purchase the units.

More information can be found about the units on the following web pages.

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SPL Funds http://www.splfunds.com/

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