Tristan Oil Ltd (GB00B0SYFK80)

Southey Capital offer to purchase bonds issued by Tristan Oil Ltd with ISIN: USG90748AC14

In November 2013 the Obligors or Tristan Oil bonds won an important victory against the Republic of Kazakhstan. As a result creditors were granted a zero coupon, 2016 maturing note ( ISIN: USG90748AC14 ) granting them a share in an eventual Arbitration Award payment.

As of 2020, no payment has been forthcoming and the 2016 bonds have matured in default. Southey Capital is looking to assist creditors holding these rights, and is offering to purchase them for a guaranteed cash amount.

( issued as a side pocket to the original fund with ISIN: GB00B0SYFK80 ) that wish to transfer or sell their units with a transparent and efficient intermediary, Southey Capital has the experience to settle small and large transfers. 

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Stati V’s Kazhakstan

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