Lehman Brothers Capital Funding

Southey Capital is looking to purchase the below bonds and LBHI claims too

We are currently looking to buy:
Lehman Brothers UK Capital Funding LP (ISIN: XS0215349357)
Lehman Brothers UK Capital Funding II LP (ISIN: XS0229269856)
Lehman Brothers UK Capital Funding III LP (ISIN: XS0243852562)

As of the 21st of July Southey Capital is making an offer to holders of the above notes to allow them to sell, and avoid the issues explained below.



As of July 2021, a major holder of the above notes appears to have made a settlement agreement with LBHI, the offer is only open to qualified institutional holders.  If the court case in October fails, holders stand to recover 0% from their investment.  Subject to the eventual outcome of litigation, holders that participate in the Agreement may have to pay LBHI any surplus they receive. A copy of the court document is available here.

We also remain a buyer of Lehman Brothers Hold Co bonds + claims:


We would encourage any holders of the Lehman Cap Funding Notes, or other Lehman securities to get in touch with us given the settlement above is only available to Institutional holders

More information can be found about the units on the following web pages. External Links (open in new tab):

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