Secondary Trading

Southey Capital is a specialist in special situations

Thanks to many years of experience trading public and private securities, Southey Capital is a reliable partner to handle the sale of complex securities. Our management have direct experience gained over the last ten years of trading syndicated loans, bankruptcy claims and public securities. 

Agency Execution and Institutional brokerage

We are able to transact for both Corporates and Financial Institutions on an Agency basis. Southey Capital settles trades on multiple platforms and can provide sub-custody accounts and clearing at affordable rates. Our agency offering provides first class client service and ease of use with tailored rates.  Our Institutional Brokerage service is aimed at OTC markets in illiquid securities where quality of execution and knowledge of markets is of an overriding importance.

New Situations

We relish the chance to look at new trades in private securities that have never traded. 
In most new situations we have direct experience of pricing and trading similar securities, be they claims, loans or un-listed shares. Our network of contacts and years of experience helps to price the most unusual securities. 

Typical Products

Defaulted and de-listed securities
Bankruptcy claims
Performing and Non-Performing Loans
Side Pockets / Fund Units / LP interests

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