Voluntary Tender Offers

Please find below a list of the current offers to purchase securities.

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Financial Industry / Bank Insolvencies
Lehman Brothers Treasury BV
Stanford Bank ( SIBL ) claims

Maple Bank GmbH

ABLV Bank A.S.
Meinl Bank / Anglo Austrian AAB Bank AG

Madoff Feeder Funds
Fairfield Sentry/Sigma
Kingate Euro/Global
Herald SPC/Lux
Cadogan Market Neutral / Privileged Investors

Corporate Claims and De-Listed Shares
Tristan Oil Ltd USG90748AC14
Petroplus Deutschland GmbH

Swiss Air AG
Point Blank Solutions Inc shares
Yukos Claims/Shares
TXU Eastern Funding Co.: XS0108297044 , XS0118715183 ,US873169AF34 , XS0120779128

Life Settlement Funds
EEA Life Settlement ( Continuing + Run-Off ) Share Classes 
Policy Selection Assured Fund
Centurion Defined Return Fund

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